When customers tell 3 friends, 10 friends, or everyone!

  • Posted by Stacey on 12 September 2010

The old adage goes: "A happy customer tells 3 friends, an unhappy customer tells 10". Now that the internet is coming of age, so should customer service. Especially for online businesses. Online, the old adage has been upgraded to include everyone and, well, everyone. In other words, when a customer is happy, they will tell everyone, and when they are unhappy they will tell, uhm, everyone! There are plenty of examples of how to practice great customer service on the web. A recent incident with a ThinkGeek coffeemug comes to mind. But very few companies can pull this off with the sense of humor that Amazon has. "I will certainly be on hand to help you find exactly the right Sharpie should you wish to persevere in your brilliant endeavor." Excellent.

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